"Appreciate the little warnings that whisper in your ear..."

Fuzby is one of many stray cats who live in the Neighborhood, but she's far from neighborly. Unfortunately for the creatures around her, that's just how she likes it. Nothing brings this scrappy cat more joy than being number one! But when a mysterious short cat suddenly appears and threatens her dominance, Fuzby must team up with a young kitten named Charlie and flee from her home. Together they face all sorts of challenges, fish, schools, and even water! But Fuzby soon realizes that her biggest challenge…

…is dealing with herself.

Based on cats in the author’s own neighborhood, Guardians of the Neighborhood takes readers on a wild adventure told through a feline's eyes that’s sure to delight lovers of wholesome stories of all ages. 

The adventure begins on December 20th! Click the button below to order your copy:

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